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National Board of Directors Meeting

National Board of Directors Meeting
National Board of Directors MeetingPOAC News

National Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, February 20th, 2021 at 9 am EST. Meeting will be held at the National POAC office.

Due to Covid restrictions this will be for current BOD only. Looking into a possible live feed option.


FEBRUARY 20,2021


Roll Call

Approve Minutes from Nov 20, Dec 20, Jan 21

Confidentiality Agreement      Diana Peaton

Board expectations and responsibility     Scott Shingleton

Financial Report     Darrin Schaefer

CEO Report      (Scott Shingleton, Diana Peaton, Darrin Schaefer)

    Yearend Review      KHS report  Darrin Schaefer

   Quickbooks upgrade    

    POAC National Budgets     Darrin Schaefer

    2020 5year Membership Census    

    2020Statistics of Registration    

    POAC Newsletter   POAC Magazine Year end

   Release Funds from Futurity to General Ledger

    POAC Renter contract June 2021- Forward

Committee Reports

   Scholarship     Diane Kamps

    East World Show     Harry Chestnut

    West World Show     Janette Arends   Location Change for 2021

   Inspection     Diana Peaton

   Futurity/Sale     Jess Drish     Move in date decision

   Congress Show     Cindi Hoffmann

Old Business

    Incentive Proposal  from Fall meeting  Dean Damman

   ROM  19&0 Tabled from Fall meeting 2020

   BCF     Linzy Zahm

   Convention 2022 Indpls          Allen Killion proposal 2022 MO

New Business

    SmallHorse Program    Paula Gatewood    Linzy Zahm

   Hardship and HYPP     Diana Peaton

    Vetsand transfer to permanent     Diana Peaton

    ByLaws technology to the members     Diana Peaton and Darrin Schaefer

    YearEnd Magazine suggestions from Tammy Virzi   Linzy Zahm

   Discussion on the Futurity Loss 2020   Diana Peaton

   Accountant expenses      Darrin Schaefer

   Moving Registration to the Future     Darrin Schaefer

   Employee/member of association    Diana Peaton

    Improvements to the POAC Building    Darrin Schaefer   Scott Shingleton

   General Upkeep and Lawn Care of POAC Building   Darrin Schaefer

    Review ALL Insurance Policys of POAC     Darrin Schaefer

Any Other Business to Discuss