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About the Pony of the Americas Club

About the Club

About The Club

Les Boomhower, POAC Founder

The Pony of the Americas Club, Inc., was founded in 1954 by a Mason City, Iowa, attorney, by the name of Les Boomhower. He saw a need for a “using type” pony for youth. His vision was to create a child’s size mount that was calm, intelligent, versatile, and sturdy enough to last all day. Les thought the Appaloosa type color would make them really stand out, and thus the POA breed was born.

Les and other founding members established the POAC registry and started inspecting and registering breeding stock. Registration #1 went to Les’ stallion, Black Hand. The POAC was incorporated as a non-profit corporation. Its early members worked diligently to spread the word about this new “Using Pony for Youth”, the POA!

From these humble beginnings in the Iowa heartland, the POAC, Inc. has evolved into one of the major pony breeds in the country. The club’s activities are very family oriented. While the focus remains on the youth, there are now programs for all ages to participate in. POAs are truly an equine the entire family can enjoy.

The ponies have evolved as well. Now numbering over 55,000 registrations, POAs no longer have the “pony” look or movement. With an infusion of some of the finest bloodlines that the Quarter Horse and Appaloosa breeds have to offer, the modern POA looks and moves like their larger counterparts. Measuring up to 14 hands, they are the complete package for any horse lover.

Our members are proud of our heritage, and excited about our future. If wholesome, family fun with equines is what you are looking for, check out the POAC. Join us, and see what horse folks are buzzing about. Stop by the National POAC Office, located in Indianapolis Indiana,  We would love to visit with you!  The POA is a true American original!