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Frequently Asked Questions About POAs



What is a POA?

The POA ranges in height from 46 to 56 inches at the withers. They must exhibit characteristics and an approved coat pattern to be eligible for registration. You can get a POA by crossing registered POAS: by crossing a registered POA with a registered horse or pony of an approved breed (see handbook for listing); or, by crossing a registered POA with a grade horse or pony that has been identified with the POAC for breeding purposes.

Why own a POA?

They are used successfully for pleasure and trail riding, driving, show competition, jumping, dressage and gymkhana events. The POA is a pony of action. Many 4-H and United State Pony Club members choose POAs for their excellent disposition and all around ability. Many POA families have several generations involved since at a POA sanctioned event there is something for everyone.

How can my family get involved?

State clubs offer a great way to meet other POA families. Currently there are more than 40 POA state clubs and chapters throughout the United States. These clubs offer a variety of events from “play day” shows and clinics to cookouts, trail rides and awards banquets.

Where can we find a POA?

The POA International Sale is held each year in October. The location varies, but all information is published in the POA magazine and members receive a sale catalog. In addition, several regional sales are held by state clubs. Many ponies are advertised for sale in POA magazine, but the majority change ownership through word of mouth.

What types of riding events are there?

A full list of timed and non-timed events can be found here.