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POAC Rules Committee

Rules Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the POAC Rules Committee is to maintain responsibility for the POAC rules and to objectively review and respond to any rule change proposals that are requested.


  • To review and respond to all POAC Rule Changes and Proposals submitted to the Rules Committee in a timely manner
  • To define the problem and develop possible solutions
  • To review and select the solution that fits the mission and goals of the POAC in an unbiased manner
  • To determine if any other rules would be affected if a rule change is made
  • To assure proper wording for a proposed rule change
  • To present approved proposals by the committees to the POAC National Board of Directors for further discussion and action


  • Pam Klein, Chair
  • Rebecca Solberg
  • Allen Killion
  • Diana Peaton
  • Charlene Astin
  • Tracy Keen
  • Tracy Filla
  • Jordan Gardner
  • Charlene Shingleton
  • Rikki Whitby Clark
  • Kendi Kamps
  • Michelle Tauson
  • Janette Arends
  • Shawn Wiest