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POAC Inspection (Color & Height) Committee

Inspection Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the POAC Inspection Color and Height Committee is to maintain current, ethical inspection processes for color and height.


  • To review inspection procedures
  • To provide training at official Inspector Training Clinics
  • To make recommendations to the POAC National Board of Directors for ways to improve and clarify POAC measurement and inspection techniques
  • To measure ponies at POAC National events as available


  • Diana Peaton, Chair
  • Tracy Keen, Co- Chair
  • Charlene Astin, Co -Chair
  • Pam Barlet
  • Janette Arends
  • Dean Damman
  • Scott Shingleton
  • Tommy Tomlin
  • Beverly Tabor
  • Lindsay Peaton
  • Michael Wiest
  • Shawn Wiest
  • Michael Gardner
  • Jordan Gardner
  • Leo Haack
  • LeeAnn Haack
  • Richard Killion
  • Patrick Burton
  • Michael Barringer
  • POA Directors As Needed