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Halter Events

Halter Events

POAC Halter Events


A. Halter classes shall be judged 60% on conformation, 40% on motion or way of going.

B. Blemishes such as scars, splints and spavins are to be marked down according to their effect on the soundness of the POA. Transmissible weakness and/or unsoundness are to be counted strongly against the pony.

C. Ponies are to be shown in hand at a walk and jog.

D. A pony’s height shall not be discriminated against. See Rule 71.C.1.

E. Pony to be shown with natural, shortened, or roached mane; natural or shortened tail. False tails, hair weaves, braiding in of hair, etc., is permitted. Banding of mane is permitted.

F. The broodmare class will be open to Tentative or Permanent registered mares that have had a full‐term foal in the current or previous year. This class must be offered at the National Congress Show and Regional Shows. Mares entered in regular halter classes may not enter the broodmare class.

G. Halter classes of mixed sexes will not be given national points. Ages in the same sex may be combined, if entries indicate a need. See Rule 92.

H. Height divisions may be combined by the Show Committee if there are fewer than three entries in a division and all exhibitors agree to combine the class.

I. All first and second place winners in their classes must compete for championship classes in their respective age/sex group or forfeit their winnings.

J. If stallions shown at halter are altered during the year, any points earned as a stallion at halter during that show year will not count as gelding points toward National Year‐End Awards. They do count toward ROM awards.

K. Championship at Halter

  1. Junior and Reserve Champion. Chosen from first and second place winners in weanlings, yearlings and 2 year olds in each sex.
  2. Senior and Reserve Champion. Chosen from first and second place winners in the 3 year old and the 4 & older classes in each sex.
  3. Grand and Reserve Champion. Chosen from the Senior and Reserve and the Junior and Reserve
    Champions. In a Championship class, no pony may be placed above a pony that has already defeated him. For the National Congress Show, the judges cumulative placings will be used to calculate any extra points to be awarded. An individual judge’s “A” placings will not be used in these calculations.

Most Colorful POA

Most Colorful. May be divided by sex or age of pony, or combined in one class. Must be Tentative or Permanent registered POAs.

  1. Ponies to be judged 80% on color, 20% on conformation, action, substance, quality and manners.