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Adult 19 and Over Events

Adult 19 and Over Events

Adult 19 and Over

Adult 19 & Over. Points do not count toward ROM(NT). If any of the seven regular 19 & Over classes are offered at a show, then the corresponding youth class must also be offered. If the youth classes are not offered, then the 19 & Over classes will not receive any points. It is also the state Show Committee’s option to offer none of the 19 & Over classes. However, these 19 & Over classes must be offered at Regionals, and the National Congress Show.

1. Equitation. Points awarded to exhibitor for Year‐End Awards.

  • Showmanship at Halter
  • Western Horsemanship
  • Hunt Seat Equitation

2. Other Adult Classes. Any 19 & Over exhibitor riding any age pony, to include JPFC nominated ponies. Points awarded to pony for ROM(Adult) and Year‐End Awards.

  • Western Pleasure
  • Hunter Under Saddle
  • Trail
  • Reining

Adult Non Pro Program (3yr Trial beginning 1-1-2018)

I. Purpose:

  1. The purpose of the Adult Non-Pro Program referred to as Non-Pro is to provide qualifying adults the opportunity to exhibit their POA in a fitting environment that promotes growth, development and confidence.
  2. Non-Pro is open to any POAC adult member who meets program eligibility requirements.

II. NON-PRO Eligibility Requirements:

  1. NON-PRO exhibitor must be 19 years of age or older as of January 1st of the current calendar year and a member in good standing.
  2. NON-PRO exhibitor will submit an annual non-transferable Adult Non-Pro StatusAgreement and $15.00 application fee to the National Office prior to exhibiting in any NON-PRO class.
  3. NON-PRO exhibitor POAC Membership Card will denote Adult Non-Pro status. This card may be required for status verification by any show management at any time.
  4. All approved NON-PRO classes will be offered at national shows.
  5. Exhibitors participating in NON-PRO classes may exhibit in all other adult classes at the same show.
  6. Any tentatively or permanently registered pony may be exhibited by an Adult Non- Pro.
  7. Ponies exhibited by an Adult Non-Pro may be exhibited by a youth or another adult at the same show. See Rule 78 C.1.a. must be followed. “It must be specified on a POAC point designation sheet before the show begins from which age and/or sex division the pony will receive points, or all points will be forfeited. The designation sheet must include the pony’s name, the riders’ names, and the name of each class entered. This also includes 19 & OverRiders.”
  8. Regional/State Clubs are not obligated, but encouraged to offer some or all of the NON-PRO classes.
  9. Exhibitors who have received remuneration for any of the activities listed below within three years of submitting the Adult Non- Pro Agreement Statement are not eligible for the NON-PRO:
    –Showing (performance and/or halter)
    –Judging, training, schooling,
    –Instruction of any equine discipline and/or conducting equine related clinics or seminars
    –Performing any of the above listed activities (1-3) for the applicant’s family or family business.
    –Performing any of the above listed activities (1-3) for the applicant’s employer, employer’s business or family member of employer.
    –Received remuneration for teaching Equitation or Showmanship.
  10. NON-PRO eligibility is not affected by receiving remuneration for the following: Writing of books or articles pertaining to equines or the equine industry.
    –Accepting payment for stewarding, announcing or show management.

III.Violation of Non-Pro Status:

  1. Persons found guilty of violating any of the NON-PRO eligibility qualifications shall, be responsible to the disciplinary judgment and actions of the hearing committee.
  2. Protest of Non-Pro status must be filed in accordance with the rules and regulation of the National POAC.
  3. The fee for protesting NON-PRO status is $100.00.

IV.Non-Pro Points

  1. National NON-PRO points are only for use within the Adult Non-Pro Program and may not be combined or considered when determining:
    –National POA Congress or Classic show awards, highpoints not specific to the NON- PRO.
    –National Year End Awards or High Points not specific to the NON-PRO.
    –National Top Ten Awards, ROM or Lifetime Pony Points not specific to the NON-PRO.
  2. National NON-PRO points only will be used when determining:
    –NON-PRO National POA Congress or Classic show awards/highpoints.
    –NON-PRO National Year End Awards, High Points.

V. Adult Non-Pro Performance ROM

  1. NON-PRO exhibitors who achieve a combined total of 1000 NON-PRO performance points are eligible to receive a NON-PRO ROM.
  2. 25 % of performance points earned (250 points) must be earned at a Regional Show, Classic Show and/or the POA Congress Show.

VI.Non-Pro Class Divisions

  1. Exhibitor must specify between the Walk-Trot Division or the 3-Gait Division each calendar year. Walk-Trot Division includes the following classes:
    –Non-Pro Western Pleasure WJ
    –Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle WT
    –Non-Pro Trail WJ 3-Gait Division includes the following classes:
    –Non-Pro Western Pleasure WJL
    –Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle WTC
    –Non-Pro Trail WJL