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POA Board Of Director Candidates

POA Board Of Director Candidates
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Meet Your Candidates

Area IV – Mid West Region

Richard (Allen) Killion, IL

Richard (Allen) Killion

My name is Richard (Allen) Killion. My wife Shannon and I became members of the Illinois POAC in 2006. In 2007, I became a state inspector answering the needs of the Illinois club. Wanting to become more involved with National Club, I worked with a National Inspector to meet all the requirements to become a National Inspector myself.

In my time as a National and State Inspector, I have been called upon to measure ponies, do Field Registrations and attend to Hardship Registrations. I have lead Inspector Clinic’s, to help others learn the criteria of the breed and the inspection process.

I served on the Illinois POAC Board of Directors in 2010 for a three- year term. During that term, I served as president of the Illinois POAC for two years. During my time as Illinois State President, we hosted the Mid-West regional, where I oversaw the committees, supervising the work schedules of the regional and encouraging the youth. I really enjoyed greeting and congratulating all the youth while working the “IN” and “Out” gate. I have always stepped in and help out anywhere that is needed to help the youth.

Outside of the POA Breed, I have been working with youth interested in horses through 4-H for fifteen years as a leader and mentor. Each year the Mclean County horse education committee host a horse show for all youth and adults. This is one of my favorite events offering opportunity to encourage all riders from beginners to the experienced. As a committee we have put together a $500 scholarship for a 4-H youth that are graduating. I thoroughly enjoy working with POA and 4-H youth and watching them achieve success while making life-long friends.

POA’s continue as a family centered breed. My daughter Morgan graduated in POAs and still enjoys showing non-pro and JPFC. And raising her son in this great breed. My Grandson shows one of his mom’s ponies in the lead-line classes. I get the honor of being his handler in those classes. My wife also enjoys showing non-pro and loves showing the babies. We enjoy many miles together as a family traveling to attend a POA State, Regional and Congress Shows.

My family and I have a small breeding program to look to the future of this great breed. We had our second baby by our stallion and are excited to help this organization grow one pony at a time.

While serving on the National POAC Board of Directors, I have become familiar with what is critical now for the immediate needs of the National POA Club. I have a vision for the future that these spotted ponies continue to bring out the best in our families and breed. I am dedicated to making this breed the best it can be.

I want to continuing serving this great breed by being your Mid-West Representative on the POAC National Board of Directors.

I would like to thank everyone in advance for your vote and support. If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to call or email me anytime. Thank You!

Allen Killion

Area V – Mid America Region

Ashley McKenzie, OK

Ashley McKenzie

Thank you for the nomination to represent the Mid-America region as your director!

For the last 10 years, I have operated Silver Wind Stables in Edmond, Oklahoma, home to over 60 POAs and their families.

I teach riding lessons and help introduce others into the wonderful world of POAs. After all the years of introducing new families to the breed, I have a great understanding of many of the things which discourage/encourage participation.

My daughter, Ella Rose, age 4, loves her ponies and showing with her friends. I am very excited for all the POA adventures Ella will have during her show career!

My clients have been drawn to POAs due to their affordability with owning and show fees, size and temperament, and mostly- how the competitions are relaxed yet competitive. We maintain an atmosphere that is welcome and affordable to the beginning show family.

I best describe our organization as one big family, where horse shows are our reunions. Over the years, I have spent more time with my POA family than some of my actual family! I have “aunts” and “grandmas” and “cousins” from my years of showing. We all share a common love of the ponies but can have disagreements like every family! Our shared desire for our breed to continue and prosper can lead to some strong feelings and opinions, but we always seem to come together when it matters. I hope to be able to agree and disagree with my “family”, but for all of us to remain respectful and understanding, even when we are not getting our way.

In order to preserve and grow our organization, I feel strongly that we must continue to protect the traditions of our breed, while developing ways to encourage new families and participation. We must keep an open mind, but be respectful of our history.

Creating a POA Alumni association can help us stay connected and supported by our past POA families, who may no longer own POAs, but share in the desire to promote the breed.

Continuing to improve and develop a true beginners division helps newer families feel comfortable when starting to show. This has been a work in progress over the past several years, and with a few adjustments, I think we are about to get the formula right.

To encourage more participation at shows and more class entries, we must strive to offer wonderful awards, that inspire our riders to work hard and enter more classes, increasing the revenue for our organization.

I look forward to learning from those who have served on the board, and helping to develop better ways to maintain and grow POAC!

Thank you!

Kathy McKenzie, OK

Kathy McKenzie

Diana Peaton, AZ

Diana Peaton

I have been involved with POA’s and the POAC for over 40 years. I served as the director for this region in the past for 10 years. As a National POAC Board of Director I served as the Vice President for a few years before serving as the National POAC President a couple years. I have served on many committees and would like to step back in and help with the challenges POA is facing. I am passionate about seeing our breed grow not only in our region but across the country as well. I thank you in advance for your vote.

Lindsay Peaton, AZ

Lindsay Peaton

Area VI – Mid East Region

Linzy Zahm, IN

Linzy Zahm

I am honored to have accepted the nomination to represent the Mid East Region on the National POAC Board. At Purdue University and Harrison College my area of study was in Animal Agribusiness and Business Management. I am certified in Equine Sports Massage Therapy and Rehabilitation. I have also attended an equine reproduction school and became certified in mare and stallion reproduction. In my professional career I have played various rolls including accounting, customer communication, marketing, and promotions. I have also served as a 4-H leader for thirteen years, following my ten years as participant.

Our family farm, Z Animal Crossing, is in Huntington, Indiana. We currently stand six POA stallions: JBJ’s Chocolate Zipper, Tribute To Hollywood, Kid O Bounce, Ima Impulsive Star, RY Formal Attire and MSF Lookin To Be Epic. My family has owned POAs since 1999, when my parents came home with two POA geldings from the International sale in Oklahoma. During my youth career I did not show much on the POA circuit, I was more involved with 4-H and open shows at that time. It was not until my adult career that I got heavily involved into showing POA’s.

I currently serve as Secretary on Indiana, Ohio State, and Illinois POAC boards. Most show weekends you will find me in the office serving as show/points secretary. I have had the pleasure of being the show secretary for state, regional, and world shows over the last several years. A small group and I helped revive the Ohio State POA club and were able to host a highly successful Mid East Regional the following year in 2018. I have served as a state inspector and last year I became a National Inspector.

My involvement with the National club has included several different roles. This year I am serving on the following committees: National Convention, Breeders, East World, International Futurity, and International Sale.

For the last year and a half, I have been social media correspondent for the National Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr accounts. My affiliation with POAC has granted me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people who will be lifelong friends and family.

With a chance of serving on the National board, I want to see continued growth for our “versatile family breed.” With my vast experiences from breeding, genetic testing, exhibiting, show management, and serving on committees; I hope I can help provide insight into those aspects. As well as looking at POA as a business and to be an asset to continue bettering our organization. With society today and our ever-changing times, we as a breed also need to adapt and change.