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Terms and Conditions

Sale Catalog: Terms and Conditions

This sale is for the purpose of encouraging breeders to improve their herds on a scientific, educational basis. It serves strictly as a convenient place to bring buyers and sellers together.

POAC, Inc., its officers, directors, members and the National Equestrian Center, Lake St. Louis MO, will not be liable for any damage to people or property. Everyone is warned to stay clear of the runway and arena where ponies are sold. You stay in this area at your own risk.

Payments for POAs must be made in United States currency. Acceptable methods of payment are cash, certified check, money order and personal checks, with references or letter of credit. The right to reject bids or method of payment without proper references is reserved. Please establish references ahead of time.

All ponies are examined by a competent inspection committee for color and height. This inspection of POAs is a courtesy of POAC, Inc. designed to encourage the consignment of top-quality ponies. It is not a recommendation or guarantee. All POAs are sold and bought as they are, including any inherent defects, physical or otherwise.

All ponies consigned and accepted must be offered for sale in the auction ring.

The seller is responsible for accurately describing the POA(s) he is selling. Prospective buyers are urged to ask the seller any questions they may have before the auctioneer pronounces the POA sold. All responsibility lies strictly and solely between the buyer and the seller. Responsibility and ownership transfers upon the auctioneers “sold” announcement, subject to the seller’s privilege of immediately declaring “no sale”.

If the seller decides to “No Sale” his pony, he must immediately indicate that fact to the auctioneer. Once the pony is out of the sale arena, it is too late for the seller to no-sale and all fees will be forfeited.

There will be a $50 pass out fee on all ponies that no-sale for $2500 or less; $100 pass out fee for over $2500-$5000; $150 pass out fee over $5000. Any pony that sells on the grounds, including those entered in the Futurity must pay the 10% commission. Lease purchases made as a result of consignment to this sale are subject to payment of the commission once those purchases are completed.

POAs will sell by catalog lot number. The starting bid for each POA will not be less than $200.

The auctioneer has the authority to resolve any problem connected with a bid.

The sale committee has the authority to resolve any other problem which may arise. If there is a misunderstanding, it must immediately be called to the attention of the sale committee. The committee will make every effort to settle the problem to the satisfaction of all parties. However, if the problem cannot be satisfactorily settled, ownership and all costs will be the responsibility of the seller until the pony is pronounced “sold”. After that, responsibility transfers to the buyer.

The seller must provide a good halter and lead rope for each POA he sells. The seller should give these to the buyer immediately after the purchase is completed so they will not be lost or overlooked.

The buyer should promptly settle all purchases with the sale clerk. The seller will be paid on the day of the sale, or as soon as the buyer pays for the purchase.

Sealed bids can be made to the Sale Coordinator, Sale Chairman or Auctioneer.

At the option of the sale committee, ponies which were screened out by the inspection committee may be permitted to be sold at the end of the sale.
The seller will pay the transfer fee at the time of settlement.

Ponies not consigned to the Sale or entered in the Futurities will “NOT” be allowed on the grounds for the purpose of selling. All ponies must be stalled on the grounds.

We accept Mastercard and Visa as payment for your sale purchases. A service fee will be assessed at time of purchase.