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JA Too Tough To Dream

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POA - JA Too Tough To Dream


JA Too Tough To Dream

What can you say about a weanling that hasn't had time to be one of those "been there, done that" kind of POA's. But with some time he has the personality to be one. So far Toughie has been really good for the farrier, and taking a bath. He is a quick study when it came to leading and most of all he likes pets and scratches, is always waiting at the gate for some. Just call him a "pocket pet". He will produce color every time bred if his new family wishes to keep him a stallion. Otherwise he will make a really nice gelding that should perform with the best of them. Some of his siblings are J.A. Skip N A Dream, J.A. Skip N Jackie, J.A. Skip N Jill, J.A. Skip N Cooper. Take Toughie home and make him your next Supreme Champion. Yearling Longeline Incentive Class, 2019 Eligible.

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