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POA Carded Judges Receiving Service Pin Awards

POA Carded Judges Receiving Service Pin Awards

Five Year Pins -

Virgil Arellano, NV

Robert Benassi, IN

Carrie Ann Evans, OK

Todd Foltz, IN

Ashley Gruber, OH

Ruann Miller, AZ

Georgia Rees, IN

Michael Schmidt, WV

Carol Spies, IA

Emily Spray, IN

Kay Tracy, OH

Angie Turner, OR

Dr. Pamela Whitfield, MN

Ten Year Pins -

Dixie Christensen, ID

Kathy Findley, WI

Jean Hommel, SD

Steve Lampson, MA

Robert Milks, MI

Jennifer Mosier, OH

Joann Oswald, OR

Teresa Palmer-Visser, ND

Larena Phillips, TX

Pat Smith, GA

Lori Walton, NM

Fifteen Year Pins -

Connie Kerns-Grams, SD

Sheryl McConnell, CO

Curt Summers, IL

Linda Tedesco, TX

Twenty Year Pins -

Terry Kendall, WI

Steve Nicholson, IN

Gary Nickerson, MO

Ron Rhoades, IN

Twenty- Five Year Pins -

Timothy Crowley, MN

Richard Gahimer, FL

Tom MacDonald Jr, NJ

Larry Parr, IL

Thirty Year Pins -

Billy Baber, OK

Patrick Burton, TX

Jaque Hill, IN

Bob Purdy, WI

Thirty-Five Year Pins -

Gregg Schrake, OR

Forty Year Pins -

Linda Haag, TN

Tom MacDonald Sr., PA

Congratulations to all of these POA Carded Judges for your dedication to our fine breed!!!