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The Zimmerman Family and our new additions

December 2012
The Zimmerman Family and our new additions

The great journey started over fifty years ago when Donna began showing appaloosas and palominos in New York. She also traveled to all the New York P.O.A shows as a trainer and groom for a family with three little boys. When it came time for a family of her own adding POA's to her family was an easy choice. The first POA to join the Zimmermann family was a fewspot hardship mare called Ima Magic Pony. Rick was five and Erin was three. This little pony started a fever that has burned in this family for over 22 years. Rick graduated to Poka Bar Buckshot and Erin on to Silver Siri Plaudit Bars. Both of these were young ponies that would be finished by the kids. Donna also got a filly for herself Docs Siri Midnight Mist. Misty was shown by Donna, Rick and Erin and would eventually earn the title of Supreme Champion. These ponies joined the Zimmermann family across the nation as they grew into skilled horseman and woman and created great memories and relationships in the breed that would last a lifetime.

As all children do Rick and Erin grew up both taking different paths. Erin stayed active in horses and Rick drifted away. Erin continued to be successful and has quite a few ponies that can also contribute their success to her. The late Rocky Dawns Spirit was one of the most cherished of all ponies in the Zimmermann family and left her mark on the breed. While in college Erin started other great ponies such as Silent Cord and RPRs Impulsive Superman. Rick fell in love and married Brittany. After having their son Eric in 2007 Rick was motivated to come back to the breed and the show ring. The "POA Bug" was reignited when Brittany brought home a tenacious weanling filly Skippin With A Rhythm. Rick decided sitting on the sidelines wasn't an option and they brought home his dream pony Too Blonde To Boogie. Silver Siri Plaudit Bars was brought out of retirement to pack Eric around and they saw their first show together when Eric was only 10 months old. Donna continued in the show ring with Spanish Tango, Silver Playboy, and Rhythm N Blues just to name a few. You could count on her to haul a trailer full of ponies and lesson students to fill the ring as well as her own show string. Erin went on to marry Neil Metcalf and he too stepped out into the show ring with this great breed aboard Rhythm N Blues. August 2,2012 blessed Erin and Neil with Stetson Lane Metcalf. It was time for another POA so the Metcalf family welcomed Undeniably Hot into their home to carry on the tradition. We are looking forward to watching Stetson in his leadline debut on Sissy and Eric on Miss Crystal Snow for their first year of 3-gait 8&under come spring. 

The Zimmermann family has also been very active in breeding. With a background in quarter horses they started their POA breeding program with a few small mares and their AQHA stallion Presson Regardless. Their breeding success is marked by the purchase of a small stallion Bobo Ciotin Dotin that would get their breeding program on the map. Bobo has sired numerous international champions and top 10 national point standing and futurity ponies. He has put quite a bit of "Rhythm" in our breed. New genes were needed for the SE Region so two new stallions have been added. Rick and Brittany have had the privilege of adding their own stallion to the breeding program RY Diamond Equity in 2011. Their first foal crop will hit the ground in 2013 with many foals out of daughters of Bobo Ciotin Dotin. Donna recently added a junior stallion to the program Suddenly On Fire. He will be standing in 2013. The entire family is looking forward to many more years of talented ponies, great friends, and cherished memories.

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