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Silver Wind Stables

December 2014
Silver Wind Stables

Another fantastic year at Silver Wind Stables

Silver Wind Stables has enjoyed yet another fantastic year. We welcomed a new trainer, Katrina Van Diest, to our team. She is already a very valued member of our Silver Wind family, and is a great role model to all of our students. At Congress, we were blessed to bring home many championships and reserves in multiple events ranging from Halter to Western Pleasure, Reining, Western Riding, Bareback, Horsemanship, Huntseat Equitation, Hunter Over and Equitation Over Fences, Speed Events, and more! Congratulations to all that participated at Nationals! Our POAs have also been showcased at hunter jumper shows, rodeos, open show circuits, and 4H. Silver Wind was also pleased to participate in “Horseback Heroes” this year- an event that offered a free day of horseback riding and activities for children from military families. 28 POAs were used for the riding portion, and as expected, they were outstanding representatives for our breed.

There is no breed of horse that is as unique as the POA. They are the perfect blend of endurance and intelligence, color and personality. Many ponies are passed down from one child to another, sharing their talents often throughout several decades. I tell kids lovingly that they are their pony’s “second” or “third” generation rider. Previous riders frequently volunteer to help their pony’s new rider learn the ins and outs of their pony- giving them lessons, attending their shows, and just cheering them on!

Copper Sundance and DDS Salty Pepper are both true testaments to the longevity of this breed. Copper and Pep- per both have been successful show ponies, winning multiple International Championships with many different riders. Both ponies started their show careers at a very young age, and have competed and won in every division. Their winning tradition has continued with the three Belote daughters- Kristen, Taylor, and Jennifer. They taught the girls how to ride and kept them safe over the past 11 years, winning multiple high points and awards for the girls. The girls love their ponies tremendously, and have always put their needs above their own. They help each other, cheer each other on, and work hard towards achieving their goals. These sisters are a wonderful example of POAs bringing a family together, and helping children grow into compassionate, hard working adults.

In 2013, Jennifer and Pepper won their large 9-12 Western Pleasure class at the Mid America Regional. This past summer, Copper and Jennifer won two Congress titles- in Reining and Huntseat Equitation Over Fences 9-12. It is an amazing feat for a pony to win these two classes that are so different and require a high level of athleticism. Perhaps their favorite award was the “Oldest Pony Award”. That’s right- our 2014 Congress Champion Reiner will be turning 30 this spring! Pepper is right behind him, as she will be turning 29! They are both true living legends! We feel that both ponies deserve to be in the POA Hall of Fame, and we will be nominating them. If anyone has any stories/pictures involving these two ponies, we would love for you to email us and share them!

Another special part of the POA breed is the true FRIENDLY competition the children experience. When a fellow friend/competitor is in need, the POA family always steps up. This past year was the last year for Noelle Juengle to compete as a youth. She was looking forward to competing in as many shows as she could, when she found out the bad news that her pony, The Git R Done Kid, had EPM and would be unable to be ridden for many months. Her friend, Haley Potts, generously offered her the use of her superstar pony, Supremacy. After a year in the pasture, Noelle and Sup worked together for a mere 24 days before attending the Ft. Worth Stock Show. They proudly came home with a $2,000 scholarship for Reserve High Point! They continued to have a successful show season until “Romeo” was able to be ridden again. This is the true spirit of the POA family, and what makes our shows so unique. It is common to see families loan/share their ponies with another family.

As the year closes, we are also saying goodbye to the youth show careers of several wonderful riders. Noelle Juengle and Audra Painter- you will be missed next year, but I am sure we will see you at our shows quite often! You have both grown into such beautiful young women. Thank you for all of the memories and for allowing me to coach you and your ponies. Another special farewell goes to Trey Faulkner, Mia Landon, and Kayla Martin. It seems as though it was just yesterday that you were learning to ride on Norman, Dusty, Rocky and Angel. Congratulations to all five of you on your successful show careers!

Thank you to everyone for an amazing 2014!

Silver Wind Stables
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24413 N. May Ave.
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