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September/October 2018

September/October 2018
September/October 2018

Growing up with POAs

Silver Wind Stables is proud to present a few of our youngest POA riders

Izzy Bland’s love for horses began at the young age of 2 when her mom had to pull her off a pony ride at the local pumpkin patch crying because the ride was over. Fast forward 3 years- after a trail ride at Silver Wind Stables, Izzy, now 6 declared she wanted to ride there and loved the spotted ponies that dotted the fields. Her family decided to lease a pony so that she could have a bond with a special horse and welcomed Rock Solid into the family. Izzy has loved learning western riding and greatly enjoys games. Her first POA show was the National Congress this year. They rode away with multiple top 10 finishes in lead line after only a month with her pony. She also was reserve champion in the speech competition and won the coloring contest in her age group. She and her family look forward to upcoming shows and getting to know the POA family. 

Kacy Dale Fryar is 3 years old, and comes from a long family history of horse riding champions. He loves showing POAs, and currently competes on Supremacy. Next year, he hopes to win a big trophy at Nationals! When he grows up, he wants to ride broncs and train roping horses, and to be able to fix things like his dad. His favorite thing about showing POAs is all the girls! 

Laura Andrews started riding lessons at age 5 and was immediately hooked! She was lucky to get to ride several different POAs as at student at Silver Wind. Last May she became the proud owner of Suncrest Rose Tattoo. Rosie has many POA championships under her belt and is helping Laura progress as a western rider and hopefully to learn English too! 

Tinley Roberts loves everything about POAs. She began showing in lead line, and now is learning all of the events, although western is her favorite. HIS Street Kid has been her lease pony this year, and has taken her to shows and rodeos. She loves him because he is so smooth and has a slow lope, but can go faster when she is ready. Tinley also loves cheerleading! 

Alex Carter fell in love with POAs when she started leasing Driftwoods Montego Bay. She has enjoyed competing in all of the lead line events this year, and even won a belt buckle her very first year showing! Next year, she is moving up to the 9 & Under division, and so her family welcomed Ima Macho Bug into the family. “Love Bug” and Alex are going to be a great team! 

We look forward to watching these young riders grow up in POAs, and are very thankful to have such wonderful ponies to teach our children.


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