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Maddison, Carter and Carson

December 2013
Maddison, Carter and Carson

Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year from Michigan!

We asked each of our children to share their POA story.

Maddison: I am 11 years old and have been showing POAs since I was 3. I have shown 5 POAs so far in my career. I started with JBJ's Totally Macho, who was the POA stallion my mom used to show. Then I moved to Sheza Cool Color, who my Aunt Kimmie showed. My mom, Grandma Debbie, and Aunt Kimmie decided it was time for my own POA, so Aunt Kimmie contacted the Gallagher family to see what they were going to do with The Crisco Kid after Sammi graduated. They decided to sell him that spring and he became mine. We showed in leadline, walk trot, and showmanship that year. We even won Leadline Costume at the International. The following year I showed Crisco in all the walk trot classes and even started cantering. My last year in 8 and under, I showed Miss Coppertone and won walk trot English pleasure at the International. It was decided that I needed a new pony for 9-12, so Aunt Kimmie searched again and found Perpetually Tipped (Reese) who the Hunter family was selling. I didn't even know anything about it. We came home from our Disney vacation and found him in our barn. I wasn't quite ready for Reese that spring, so I showed Crisco in all the main 9-12 classes and used Reese for showmanship and trotted through the gaming classes. This year; however, I showed Reese in everything and we placed in a couple classes at the Congress. I did also show Crisco at the Congress in Native American Costume in which we were Reserve Champion and in the 9-12 Girls Western Pleasure Class in which we placed 3rd.

Carter: I am 9 years and officially retired from showing POAs. I showed leadline on The Crisco Kid and had fun but didn't want to show anymore after my mom couldn't help me. I still go out and help once in a while in the barn, but I would rather ride my bike or play video games. I did win Leadline Costume and Leadline Equitation at the International my last year I showed. I still like to go the POA shows to see my friends and just hang out.

Carson: I am 7 years old and and started out showing leadline on LDT Mister Mojo who is still my favorite POA. My Aunt Kimmie used to be my leader with Mojo and then my mom became my leader when I moved onto Crisco. Next year, I will be showing Crisco in the 8 and under classes. I might start cantering, although my mom said, "we'll see, let's make sure we can trot all the way around the arena first". I was very happy to win both Leadline Costume and Leadline Equitation at the Congress this year. I also was Res. Congress Champion in English and Western Walk-Trot Boys 8 and under.

As for our ponies, we have two great ones in our barn. The Crisco Kid is just an amazing pony that really knows what he needs to do. Although he can be frustrating at times, he truly has taken care of each one of the kids and we all love him dearly. Perpetually Tipped is the other great pony we own. He and Maddie really came together at the end of the season and we are looking forward to next year. We are also very proud of our children. It is always fun at the shows seeing friends and hanging out, but not always so much fun at home doing chores and practicing. They do both pretty well.

We just want to say special thank you to our family: The Haas', Chestnuts, Clarks, and Bunns for all the help and support this season. A special thank you to the Vartorella family for the use of the Native American costume the past several years. Our family wishes your family a very blessed holiday season and a successful 2014.

Todd, Holly, Maddison, Carter, and Carson Wagner

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