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MacQuart Breeding

September 2014
MacQuart Breeding

MacQuart Breeding
First POA Ranch in France

POA MacQuart Breeding is located in the northeast part of France. We discovered this breed by chance 3 years ago in a book relating to all different breeds of horses and ponies.

We were looking for a little family horse, and pretty quickly fell in love with POAs. This breed was exactly what we were looking for.

At that time, there were none in France, so we looked for some in Europe and the USA. We bought our first filly in Germany at Ulrich Laufer’s. When this little yearling arrived home, she was so perfect. We decides to buy some others. At this time, we contacted Rosslyn Spen- cer and Gene Carr. Rosslyn was at the end of her pregnancy, expect- ing her little Maguire, Mr. Carr had shipped horses in Europe so we bought our breeding stock at his ranch.

Four mares came from South Dakota; Santee Fancy Model, Touched By An Angel, Santee Spanish Delight and Santee Charisma. Final- ly, Santee Impulse, our stallion, arrived. He was 18 months old. We worked with Terry and Dianne Nielsen’s quarantine, EZ2Spot Ranch, Texas. They are very professional and really nice people.

The first foal (Santee Model x Santee Hotroddin Zippo) was born May 14, 2011. We called him Trusty (Trustworthy) because for us, a POA is and must be a trustworthy family horse. His full name is Cowy Trusty Fancy Zippo.

Our daughter’s name is Coline, 14 1⁄2 years old, and our son’s is Wy- att, 13. We registered “COWY” the beginning of both names as our prefix.

The POA breed is unknown in France, which is why we worked to sign a Foreign Breed Convention between the POAC and the Sire (French studbook). It took a while, as Joyse Banister can tell you! But we did it! Now all POAs born in France will be registered at the Sire with the logo of POAC and the name of the breed.

Trusty is now 3 years old , registered at the POAC as a breeding stallion. He bred 2 mares this year , Santee Charisma and Touched By An Angel

We now have three one-year foals and two born this year.

Joyse Banister asked me to pass the national inspector test, and I did well! Not so easy, thanks Mr. dictionary. Thank you so much for your help, Joyse.

We still are the only breeder in France. There is another mare, Pr Sun Moon Star owned by Caroline Lallée. She trains her mare in working cattle and is doing very well.

She also is a very active member at the POA Club France.

We are now working to be present at different shows like Lyon where Mr. Carr was judging three years ago this year, Paris. We are looking for sponsors, videos showing the versatility, commercials. These really could help us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who are following us, the work of you breeders to make this wonderful breed possible.

We are doing our best to make the success of the POA in France.

Sylvain, Stéphanie, Coline and Wyatt

Learn more at www.poa-elevage-macquart.fr/ or find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/poneys.des.ameriques

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