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Kate Heise

October 1, 2011
Kate Heise

Kate’s first exposure to POA’s was when she was 4 years old and we visited my friend Ann who lives in Harrisburg PA. I wanted to see the Medal Finals at the Penn National (the Superbowl for all Hunter riders) I thought it would be fun for Kate to ride in the leadline class and asked Ann to find me a pony. To my panic they showed up with a 2 year old filly who had only been shown in halter. This was a huge arena filled with 5ft jumps and thousands of people waiting for a Grand Prix Jumper class. Her owner was very nonchalant “No problem she’ll be fine” She was right! The pony never put a foot wrong and we had a great time. I was very impressed by this sweet little pony and the POA breed. 

That next spring Eva Dahl called me and told me about a great pony for sale in Oklahoma, Firefly’s Impressem (Garth). We jumped at the opportunity. We added Suncrests Tomcat to the family to take her into her 9 – 12 years. Tomcat is one in a million, with such great versatility and personality. She has won 11 international championships with him and won high point or reserve at every Regional, Classic or International for the last 2 years. We got Obie, Odyesseys Obsession for her brother Russell to ride in 8 & under, Kate wanted to try him in some game classes and the bond was made. Obie has the biggest and bravest heart and so wants to please. I never knew he could go so fast! It gives me gray hairs, but Kate loves it!! 

This year he won 5 International titles including Reining and Reserve in Open Jumping, not bad for an 18 year old. Kate likes the pleasure classes, but she perks right up when its “game time”. She loves to battle it out with her friends Alaina and Logan. Time marches on and soon the big move to 13 – 18 and a new pony is in the works. Russell and Tomcat should make a good team in 9 – 12 boys. The one thing they still love is going to the horse shows. They love their friends, fun, and the friendly competition. 

 I want to thank all the coaches and friends that gave my kids pointers along the way. Thank you to the whole POA organization and POA families for helping us have such a great summer. This is a part of our life that I will treasure forever!

Thanks for all the fun!!
Sandy Cleary (Show Mom)

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