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J-N Farm

May 2012
J-N Farm

POAs have been in my family for over fifty years. My mother and father started raising POAs in the early 1960's. We traveled as a family to horse shows all summer long. In 1979 my husband Norm and I followed in my parents footsteps by starting our breeding program J-N POAs. Like my parents I also traveled to shows with my sons John, Jeff, and Jared until Jared graduated out in 1994. After Jared's graduation I hit the road with my oldest grandson Matthew. We participated in the leadline classes. Matthew will be graduating out this year. This is so hard to believe for me since it feels like just yesterday, I was leading him around when he would take off his cowboy hat and stick it on top of mine or just toss it aside. It is memories like this that really make a person treasure the POA family experience.

Now I am lucky enough to have my youngest son's family travel to shows with me. Jared and his wife Missy love to show the young POAs that we have raised. Their children Jase and Myah each show a J-N POA as well. Jase like Matthew started showing at the age of 1 in leadline classes. In 2011 Jase went solo on his pony J-N Justa Gold Rush. Jase and Rush do all the events at a POA show; they have become quite the team. They had an outstanding first year together, placing fourth in the nation as well as getting several other year end high points. Jase loves to show, but his favorite part of going to the shows is getting to spend time with all his POA friends on their electronic devices. I guess the whole family enjoys good competition, sportsmanship and socializing that comes with being part of the POA group.

Myah has also been riding since she was a 1 year old. She will be turning 4 on the 18th of this month. She loves her leadline classes- costume, horsemanship, showmanship, trail and a couple gaming classes. She also did a wonderful job in 2011 placing 3rd in leadline horsemanship. In 2004 I started her pony J-N Gold Sensation in the lanolin and in-hand trail. She was then trained in the JPFC program by Jared and Missy for two years. In 2008 Matthew rode her as a junior pony. Myah took her over in 2010 for leadline. Jase started using J-N Gold Sensation in some of the gaming classes in 2011 as well.

Good luck to Jase with Rush and Myah with J-N Gold Sensation in 2012, We would also like to wish Jared and Missy good luck with J-N Myte Diva in the JPFC and 19 and over classes this year. Diva will then be turned over to Jase. As you can see our family really works together and has a great time breeding, showing, and enjoying our ponies.

Happy Birthday, Myah!

Grandma Judy & Papa Norman
Judy & Norman Katzenberger
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