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Gems May Be Precious But Friends Are Priceless

January 2013
Gems May Be Precious But Friends Are Priceless

The Futurities are one of my favorite POA events. This year I spent a lot
of time sitting at our stalls with Grace and Roger Bunnell solving the world's
problems (education, healthcare, the economy, and of course PDA), as we often
do at shows. Occasionally, we feel the need to take a break from the world's
problems and offer our assistance, advice and wisdom to Amy and Helen from
our chairs in the isle-way as they wash, band, clip, clean stalls, school ponies etc.
Things like; "Hey Helen, your filly is pawing, does she need more hay?" (Helen is
three stalls away banding weanlings, our chairs are right in front of the stall.) We
also understand how easy it is too loose track of time when you are working hard,
so we do our best to keep them on track. "Amy, hurry and go get dressed you are
only 3 classes away and they are moving quickly." (The classes have 30 entries
or more in each and its trail.) Amy and Helen seem to appreciate our assistance,
but we wish they would speak a little louder when they are walking away to do
their next task.

So during one of our chair side chats, while diligently supervising the isle-way,
(just in case Amy or Helen needed our assistance or wisdom) we discussed the
past, present and future of POA. After reminiscing about the past, enjoying the
present and planning the future of POA, our we realized that one of the common
denominators contributing to the organization's longevity (other than PDA s are
just awesome ponies) is the ability POA members have to be close friends as well
as competitors. As we sat and watched Amy and Helen (who show in the same
classes, as well as promoting stallions from the same region) help each other
with schooling, washing, banding, clipping, and sharing equipment and clothes. I
remembered the same relationship with my daughter Logan, the Little
girls and Elizabeth Poczbut from 8 and under through graduation.
This unique quality of the people who show POA isn't found in any
rule book, but should be valued as a "characteristic" of the breed.

The Bunnell Family, and the Tauson Family dedicate this month's
cover to all those wonderfully unique POA members who value
friendship, the ponies and the future of POA .. So from our isle-way
chairs we leave you with this:

"Most people come into our lives and quickly leave. It is the special few that come in and leave a footprint in our hearts and we are forever changed"

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