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From the Desk of President, Cliff Thomas...

Mar/Apr 2019
From the Desk of President, Cliff Thomas...

We are here for a reason. We have a purpose for being who we are and what we are. This applies to young and old, individuals and groups. It prompts us to slow down now and then and look at what direction we are moving in. At that moment, we look forward to see the goals we are trying to achieve but also look at where we were and how we got here.

POA, it’s youth and adult members, get the opportunity to look in all directions several times each year. Convention, Congress and futurities with sale serve as our self-examining moments. Convention was just completed and I believe the input was good but our numbers are down.

We are being forced by a changing world to soon make decisions that will decide our survival or not. We have a culture, a life style that encourages our children and their ponies to face challenges, think for themselves and share in building friendships that will last a lifetime. I believe we have a board, CEO and office staff that will work to achieve survival of this organization. But keep in mind it is only by numbers of members that this can happen. So support, promote and ride for POA. All please travel safely during our show season and attend all events that you can.

Most Respectfully,
Cliff Thomas

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