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From the Desk of President, Cliff Thomas...

Jul/Aug 2019
From the Desk of President, Cliff Thomas...

In a perfect world all things would be right: no wrongs, no hurts, all things at all times, all good. That is not where we live. Life around POA can be really close to the perfect world but it has those moments of the real world from time to time.

Attending this year’s Congress show was a gift. I could witness and enjoy an overwhelming number of the perfect moments: friends greeting friends, young and old, and the beginnings of lifelong friendships that will blossom and endure the years; quality stock; children committed to their mounts and the goals they have set; family standing right behind them ready to encourage, to help and to share in the effort to reach their goals.

That is when the real world comes into the picture and we think the perfect world is gone. Not true, for it is learning to greet and embrace both worlds that brings our children and our world closer to the perfect one.

It is at that moment that the magic happens: the deep and lasting self-esteem is found and will be carried on through their lives. Perfect.

I regard this equine breed and its organization to be one of the best tools available for developing loving, honest and well-rounded youth that someday will be leading this country. Stand tall and protect our treasure. May God bless POA and may God watch over our children.

Cliff Thomas

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