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From the Desk of President, Cliff Thomas...

May/Jun 2019
From the Desk of President, Cliff Thomas...

As we very quickly approach the premiere show of the POA year, I must share a recent experience I enjoyed. An often heard and used phrase in POA and probably all horse related gatherings is “Have a good ride!” Seems simple enough but looking and then thinking on it, it is a wish for life.

Just recently I was invited and able to attend a birthday party for one of the first persons my wife and I met in POA. The party was to honor and respect achieving the age of eighty - again, seems simple enough. This lady in her life has faced challenges that could have buried most persons but they did not. She was determined to have a “good ride.”

As the party attendees gathered, I realized that a majority were sharing a mutual experience of POA. The highs, the lows, the events and experiences were shared and discussed but the message was what they had learned and carried with them to this day.

So it is that goal we all share, whether it be a few events we attend or many shows. We are there to participate, to compete but more so to share in the POA experience for the rest of our lives.

Travel safely, define your goals and work toward them and for now and forever, “Have a good ride!”

Cliff Thomas

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