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From the Desk of CEO, Joyse Banister...

Jul/Aug 2019
From the Desk of CEO, Joyse Banister...

Well, as you read this, another POAC National Congress is a wrap! Thank you to the Show Chairs, the entire Congress management team, the wonderful facility, all sponsors, the POAC National Directors, and the exhibitors and supporters for making this show a success! Most do not realize the hundreds of hours involved in planning and preparation for this event before we ever arrive in Tulsa. There is not a better horse show facility in the country and the POA Organization is treated quite well during our stay. If you are interested in serving on the Congress Committee for 2020, please let myself or our National President know we have your information when planning committees in the fall.

Speaking of committees, if you are interested in serving on ANY National Committee for POAC, make it known soon to myself or our National President. These committees are set after the fall sale and futurities, and they start planning for the next year immediately. Just remember, if you are chosen to be on one of the many committees that POAC has to offer, you will be expected to be at the National Convention if your committee is on the agenda to meet there, and you will be expected to work during the year when your committee has obligations at our various events. It is very important that you are active within your committee and that you are a positive influence for our membership.

If you are an eligible POAC National Member to vote in the director elections, make sure to take the time to submit your ballot. It is so very important to you regions to elect someone that is going to represent you well, and be present for all important meetings and voting issues. You might think that your one vote won’t matter, but in several regions, it takes only a handful of votes to be elected...take the time to cast your vote!

Until next time, hug your kids and your ponies!

Joyse Banister

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