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From the Desk of CEO, Joyse Banister...

Mar/Apr 2019
From the Desk of CEO, Joyse Banister...

The 2019 POAC National Convention is now history but the information shared will last for years to come. The National Committees worked very hard to listen to the comments, discuss important information regarding the activities of their committee and how it impacts the entire POAC, and share this data in minutes for everyone to read. I cannot stress enough how valuable each and every one of these committees is to the overall operation of the National POAC and also how important it is to be a part of this planning process. I always say “do not complain about the implementation process if you are not willing to be an active part of the planning process”. 

The National Board of Directors also worked hard at their meeting at the Convention and will continue to work hard this year for the membership. They have had to make some tough decisions for the good of the breed, and they are not done yet. POAC is a business, and is being run as a business. With good business practices, things often have to change. For POAC, this is going to mean that the Board will be reviewing the POA Magazine and discussing its future in July. The magazine continues to take hit due to lower advertising and higher printing costs. With social media options, it is much easier to sell a horse or promote your farm on Facebook without the advertising expense. The Board will be discussing options such as newsletters or e-mail options for the future. 

Plans have been finalized for the East World, West World, National Congress, and the National Futurity and Breed Sale...be sure to check our website for details on these great National Events, and if you have any questions please contact the National Office for more information. There will be a full slate of NSBA classes offered at both the National Congress again this year, and also NSBA classes are being offered at the National Futurity at Gordyville USA. Be sure to check on what you need to do to participate in the NSBA portion of the shows prior to arrival. 

The National Office is finalizing the ROM portion of the show program which will allow us to notify you when your pony has earned an ROM. Initially, we will be sending out letters to owners of POAs that have earned ROMs as far back as 1985 and have not applied for them. Once those older ROM notifications have been completed, we will be able to remain current on ROM notices to owners. We are excited about this addition to the show software and that we can offer this additional service to you! 

Until next time, hug your kids and your ponies...
Joyse Banister

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