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From the Desk of CEO, Joyse Banister...

Sep/Oct 2019
From the Desk of CEO, Joyse Banister...

I hope each you had the opportunity to attend the 2019 POAC National Futurities and International Sale in Rantoul IL at the beautiful Gordyville USA this past month. The quality of futurity ponies gets better every year. Our POA Breed Sale was another success, as we continue to bring in new families and sell quality horses that go all over the country. Thanks to everyone that worked on the planning of the sale and futurity, especially Jessica Drish Kata and Diane Kamps for their hard work to make this happen! Watch for sale results and highlights on the POA Website as well as in the next issue of POA Magazine!

By the time you read this issue, our National Board of Directors will have met for their September Board Meeting. These Directors have a tough road ahead, making choices that will affect all POA members. They must make business decisions that will keep the National POA financially secure as well as allow the membership to remain informed and able to participate in approved events on a state level as well as nationally. Change is always difficult to promote. Change is often unwelcome because of the fear of the unknown. Change is life. The Board may be changing the POA Magazine drastically. They are faced with a magazine that has declining subscription numbers and higher printing and mailing costs. Social media and website posts are much more efficient to notify the membership on important announcements, coming events, show results, meeting minutes, etc. without the timeframe of printing and mailing. Also, memberships may be changing to a “pay to play” system, meaning that anyone that shows a POA may be required to pay an individual membership instead of the previous “family membership” format. This could mean that individual membership fees are less than a family membership price, but multiple memberships could be required for a family. Remember, when you see your Regional Director (or any POA National Director), thank them for volunteering their time to try to make decisions that are good for POA, even if they may not be the best direction for a specific region. It is hard. It is thankless. But it is necessary. Give them suggestions and encouragement, but most of all give them a thank you for time served...they were elected by you so now you need to support them.

Looking to the 2020 POAC National Convention...We are excited to offer a four day schedule of meetings, social events, field trip, awards, and just fun in Indianapolis IN in February again this year! Check out the POA National Website, www.poac.org, for exact dates, reservation information, and hotel deadlines. If you have been chosen to serve on one of the many National Committees for 2020, we expect you to be present for committee meetings at the convention. Your input is vital to the committees that meet, and it is the one time that many of these committees meet face to face to plan for the year. Please remember this when deciding if you want to be on one or more committees. Also, if you do want to be considered for a committee, you need to let me or the National President know by November 1st so you can be added to the list for publication. Thanks for your help on this!

Until next time, hug your kids and your ponies...

Joyse Banister

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