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Byers Farms POAs

April 2013
Byers Farms POAs

Byers Farms POAs is located in west central Indiana in farming country. Tim & I & son Eric live in the original farmstead that has been in his family since the 1860s. Our daughter Kelsey and her family also live very close. Having our granddaughters so close and spending time in the barn with them is awesome. Nichole at age six is all in when it comes to POAs. She doesn't understand why anyone would want a horse or pony without spots! She will be showing in either lead line or eight & under this year. I'm not getting in the middle of that argument! Little sister Emma just wants to do what "Cole" does. Her favorite pony is Santee Shawnee which she refers to as just Shawn.

In 1991 we bought our first 2 POAs and I was hooked. We spent many happy hours riding the trails during what Tim refers to as the good old days (prior to shows, foals etc).

Our daughter Kelsey got involved in 4-H in the mini division at age 8 and she decided showing was for her. Not too long after we went in search of the "show pony" and KS's Smooth Twist made the trip from Washington. Smooch arrived in a blizzard so bad that the shipper had to unload at the highway. I jogged this beautiful pony home the half mile to the barn in a below zero snow whiteout. What we mothers won't do for our kids!

Smooch took Kelsey thru 9-12 and she was ready for a younger project. Thanks to Dick Corn we made the trip to Alabama to pick up KS's Cajun Tiger. He was quite the challenge and Kelsey made quite a team with him. He was like the energizer bunny and really made a rider out of Kelsey Her last pony she rode as a youth was her favorite by the name of Impulses Siri Gold.

I first saw Doug as a yearling as Jenna Dempze was getting ready for yearling lounge line. He looked like he could float. I literally drug Kelsey across the show grounds to get a closer look. We owned him about a year later. Kelsey finished her youth year with Doug and won the international futurity with him.

By this time kids are in college and POAs were on the back burner. We still had a few ponies standing around and I was just riding for fun. My husband was involved with a local cutting club and riding a really great gelding. Tim informed me that it was time for me to either "get in or get out" of poa. Of course his motive was to reduce head count. I believe he would say his plan backfired.

Doug and his gorgeous movement led me to Rising R POAs. I just had to figure out what they were doing to get these good moving little spotted horses. In July of 2010 I talked Tim into a road trip to Iowa to look at ponies. We visited Dean and Jan Rodgers and fell in love with "A Sudden Zippo". Now I understood where the lope came from. Dean & Jan were a treasure trove of knowledge on poas Visiting with them was a great experience We also purchased Impulses Gold Annie the full sibling to Doug.

In the spring of 2011 we leased the Rodgers stallion and we raised several nice foals. The fillies will be the start of a refocused breeding program at Byers' Farms.

We were also fortunate to meet Larry & Crystal Myers on our road trip and You know how one thing leads to another ...... Handsome Hollywood Star is now calling Indiana home.

I originally saw him in the 2 year old futurity with Janelle McDowell (now Burton) in the saddle. I was impressed by how she handled Harley and knew I wanted her to train Annie. Thanks to all Janelle's hard work we have a super little mare that has a forever home.

Of course, having Pat Burton show her to a win at the International was pretty cool too!

The future of Byers Farms POAs will be to show our babies, enjoy our family and friends and hopefully make some new friends as we hit the shows in 2013 .

....... "we just love those little spotted horses" ..... .

Byers Farms POAs Rockwell, Indiana

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