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A message from your POAC President

Sept/Oct 2017
A message from your POAC President

Dear POAC members and friends,

It has been an amazing spotted pony ride over the past eleven years serving as a member of the National POAC Board of Directors for the Southwest Region. It has been a great honor to have been elected over the last two years as your National POAC President and for the last twenty months as one of the three acting CEO’s. Even though I have been a member of the POAC for over 38 years, I can truly say I have learned more about the POAC organization in the past two years.

The National POAC Convention is just around the corner in February of 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Many committee meetings are held at the convention with a lot that happens in a short amount of time, and decisions that affect our membership must be made after due deliberation. Time is needed to digest all the happenings and discussions that are held over the course of the committee meetings. Therefore, many of the final decisions are made at the fall Board of Directors meeting as to have all the possible input from the membership over the year.

If you happen to be appointed and/or volunteer for a committee, please take an active role in producing suggested actionsandsolutionstodealwiththeissuesfaced. Manytime’scommitteemembersandnationalmembers

become geared up at the convention to help the POAC move forward but within a few months the commitment asacommitteememberhasdiminished. Thisisabig disappointment and the work load therefore ends up on the chair of the committee and the ladies in the office. When considering helping with the committees, please make sure you will be able to help the entire year.

All POAC members share a passion for the Pony Of the Americas horse and the vast lifestyle created by the world’sbesthorse. Andwhetheryou’reaseasoned horse show veteran, a trail rider, a barrel racer, a trainer, a grandparent, a breeder, a backyard horse enthusiast or simply someone dreaming of someday owning a horse, owning a POA will benefit you in countless ways.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be your POAC President.

Best Regards,

Diana Peaton


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