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A message from your POAC CEO

Jan/Feb 2019
A message from your POAC CEO

Where does the time go...we just finished up a great 2018 POA year, and now we are finalizing show schedules, convention details, and committee plans for the year! As I look back at 2018, I am extremely pleased with our national events and how they were planned and attended. 

Our premier POA show, the National Congress, exceeded our expectations financially, and was a tremendous success from both the managment and the participants. I look forward to working with Tulsa and our show management team for the next six years of contracts for the Tulsa Expo Square facility...it is like no other for equestrian events! Thank you to Mark Hull for being show chairman again in 2019...I know it will be another great POA event! 

Our POAC International Sale and National Futurity Show was also a very successful venture at the Gordyville USA facility! The management there was super to work with and they are professionals with running a horse sale, so the sale set up was exactly what we needed. Jessica Drish Kata did a super job, along with Diane Kamps, in making this event happen so smoothly, and I am pleased to announce that Jessica is the chairperson of this event again in 2019! 

The West World, East World and Central Classic Shows were very well attended overall and financially were a success for the National POAC. A big thanks to the show chairpersons for these events in 2018. We look forward to the West World again in Colorado, chaired by Janette Arends, and the East World, chaired by Harry Chestnut, at its new location in Michigan for 2019! 

New POAC Handbook Supplements are being printed currently. You will be receiving your copy with your membership renewal. Make sure you read over this supplement thoroughly because there are several rule changes that are in effect now that you need to understand. If you have any questions, please contact the National POAC. Don’t assume what you read on social media is always true...we know that this is quite often the opposite! 

POA Approved Shows for 2019 and beyond will be sending in additional fees to the National POAC with their show results. This new class fee was passed by the Board of Directors last year to begin in 2019. Make sure your club is aware of this fee and if necessary, adjusts your club entry fees to cover this extra cost. Clubs will be sending in $1/entry/judge in addition to the regular pony fees. Basically, if you add up “number competing” on all of your judge’s cards for each judge you have at your show (POA approved classes only), this is the dollar value you will be sending to the National POAC, plus your regular pony fees. If you have any questions, call the National Office prior to your show. 

I will be heading to Tulsa later this month to attend the annual International Equine Judges Seminar sponsored by the Color Breed Council. This is such an important event for POA as well as other breeds including APHA, ApHC, ABHA, AMHA, PtHA, and more. It is a great time to “compare notes” to see what is working and what is not for these major breeds and share suggestions about ways to make our equine industry more visible and financially secure. We will be carding some new POA judges as well as meeting with over one hundred carded POA judges to discuss new rule changes and procedures...I look forward to seeing some of you in Tulsa! 

Until next time, hug your kids and your ponies..

Joyse Banister

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