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5K Farms

November 2014
5K Farms

A Whirlwind Journey for 5K Farms

2014 has been a whirlwind of a year for all of us at 5K Farms, and we wouldn’t trade it for anything, but for now, let’s go back to where it all began.

It was 1988 when our family began our journey in the POA world. When I graduated from POA in 1995, I took a long break while I attended college to get my degree in Nursing. Like everyone does, I met my husband, married, and started a family of my own. When Emiley and Hailey were born, I had a dream that they, too, would love riding as much as I did, and I knew that I would bring my own kids back to the POA world that I loved.

This proved to be true. Before either one could talk, they would get so excited to be with the horses and even more happy to be on them. When Emiley was 2 1⁄2, we took her to her very first horse show. It was at a local fair she debuted on our POA mare, Junie. From there, she was hooked! We were able to purchase a mare named, TXS Im- personate This, from Pat Burton. Emiley continued to show leadline on her until she tragically died. We were heart broken and wanted to find another good pony for her. We were contacted by a family in Michigan who now owned my old pony, Salty Mini Britches. She was very lame and they were no longer able to help her, so my mom and dad hooked up the truck and trailer and headed to Missouri to meet up with them. After many months of rehab, she was able to do walk/trot on a limited basis, and this is when Emiley was able to spread her wings and ride!

She only did leadline events on Mini until she was 5, when she asked to be moved up to 8 & under. We knew Mini could not do that amount of work, so we bought her a different pony. She rode Rapid Heartbeat for a year, until we decided to look for a different pony. The fall of 2008, we bought a 2 year old, gelding named, The Player, from Blaine Spencer and never looked back. Emiley rode him all the way through 8 & under and was able to obtain his Supreme Champion by his 4 year old year and also was Reserve High Point Rider at the 2010 National Congress.

By that time, Hailey was starting to show in leadline. My mom had purchased One Tough Mister (Earl) from the POA National Sale and he later became the pony that Hailey fell in love with. We found out later in 2010, that Boo needed surgery and may not be able to return to the show ring, so we were offered, by Kim and Emma Verplank, KBC Nifty Kid.

Kiddy did it all and did it well. Emiley came back to Congress in 2011 with Kiddy in her first year of 9-12 events and ended up 3rd overall High Point Rider. At this time, Hailey was not as much into showing, but still loved her beloved Earl. The Player was still recovering from surgery, when Emiley decided she wanted a Jr pony to complete on. She had wanted a Dutch pony and the Mathy’s had Dutch Pride (Carlos) for sale. I watched a video of him with only 12 rides, called Rebecca Solberg, and told her I wanted him as a surprise for Emiley. A month later, he came to OK. Her goal then was to win the overall High Point Rider (multi-pony) at Congress, so she worked hard over the next year.

It was difficult at first, because she really did not like Carlos. It took several months for them to bond, but they were making a beautiful team. Hailey decided she wanted her turn in the show ring and borrowed Santee Spanish Doc from the Heard’s. They came home with a Congress championship and several reserve championships. She also was 5th place overall high point 8 & under girls that year. Emiley came close again in 2013, but still ended up Reserve overall High Point Multiple Pony, Carlos was Res. High Point Jr. pony, and Kiddy had won Large Mare Stakes. For 2014 Congress, she decided to take Carlos in all regular events and just show Kiddy in games.

Erin Brown Daugherty asked Emiley if she would want to show her gelding, TNE Real Dynamite, in Versatility and Emiley jumped on the chance to do it. She also agreed to share Kiddy with her sister this year, which lead to Hailey and Kiddy winning Novice W-T-L Western Pleasure. With help from Erin Brown-Daugherty, Lindsay Pea- ton, and Erin Metcalf, 2014 was a total dream come true. Emiley had finally won the High Point Multiple Pony award and that beautiful, Dale Chavez show saddle. She was also the winner of the HUS Versatility class on TNE Real Dynamite and placed 8th overall in Versatility competition.

Both girls have had their success in the show ring, but the best award to them is the priceless friendships they have obtained. It makes all the hard work even sweeter when you can share it with a close friend. Thank you to the Bayless, Mckenzie, Peaton, Daugherty, Metcalf, Mazerole, Faulkner, Koehler, Tomlin, Carroll, Kamps, Dykstra, Solberg, and Herzberg families for being such great friends and support at the shows. To Emiley and Hailey, both Daddy and I are so incredibly proud of all your accomplishments in and out of the ring. We are truly blessed to be your parents.

See ya down the road in 2015!

The Kauk Family

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