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Western Riding

Western Riding

A. Western Riding is an event where the pony is judged on quality of gaits, lead changes at the lope, response to the rider, manners, and disposition. The pony should perform with reasonable speed, and be sensible, well-mannered, free and easy moving. 

B. Credit shall be given for and emphasis placed on smoothness, even cadence of gaits (i.e., starting and finishing the pattern with the same cadence), and the pony’s ability to change leads precisely, easily and simultaneously both hind and front at the center point between markers. Lead changes, or lack of, are addressed under G below. The pony should have a relaxed head carriage showing response to the rider’s hands, with a moderate flexion at the poll. Ponies may be ridden with light contact or on a reasonably loose rein. The pony should cross the log both at the jog and the lope without breaking gait or radically changing stride. 

 C. Except for junior ponies shown with a hackamore or snaffle bit, only one hand is permitted on reins. 

 D. The judge or Show Committee will select one to the two patterns to be performed. The judge is responsible for the pattern being correctly set.

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