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Western Pleasure

Western Pleasure

A. Ponies are to be shown at a walk, jog and lope both ways of the ring in all age/sex divisions. Ponies shall back in a straight line (at the judge’s discretion finalists only may be required to back). They shall not be asked to extend the lope. Ponies to be shown on a loose rein without undue restraint. 

B. The class is judged on the pony only – 60 percent on performance, 30 percent on conformation, and 10 percent on appointments. 

C. The ideal pleasure pony should carry its head in a position that is normal for its type and no lower than level. Reasonably loose reins with light contact should be maintained at all times. The western pleasure pony should be a pleasure to ride and a free, natural mover. 

Major faults: Carrying the head in such a position that the point of the ears is lower than the withers, being flexed behind the vertical and moving exceptionally slowly at any gait.

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