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A. Trail class may be run at a separate location and concurrently with other classes. The Show Committee or judge may designate a qualified person(s) to assist the judge. 

B. This class will be judged on the performance of the pony over obstacles, with emphasis on manners, response to rider, and attitude. 

C. Credit will be given to ponies negotiating the obstacles with style, without hesitancy, and to ponies showing the capability of picking their own way through course when obstacles warrant it, and willingly responding to rider’s cues on more difficult obstacles. 

D. Ponies shall be penalized for any unnecessary delay while approaching the obstacles. Ponies with artificial appearance over obstacles should be penalized. 

E. Except for junior ponies shown with a hackmore, bosal or snaffle bit, only one hand may be used on the reins, except that it is permissible to change hands to work an obstacle. While the pony is in motion, the rider’s hands shall be clear of the pony and saddle. 

F. Ponies must not be required to work on the rail. The course must be designed, however, to require each pony to show three gaits (walk, jog, and lope) somewhere between obstacles as a part of its work and will be scored as a maneuver. At the discretion of the show committee, 8 & Under riders may be asked to show at a walk and jog only. 

G. The gait between obstacles shall be at the discretion of the Show Committee. 

H. The course must be posted at least one (1) hour before the scheduled time of the class.

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