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Pole Bending

Pole Bending

A. Set six poles 21′ apart, starting line to be 20′ from the first pole. Rider’s option on starting on the right or left side. (Note: Two courses may be laid out so that two ponies can compete against each other) The end pole should be at least 20′ from the end of the arena wall/fence. 

B. Rider gets a running start, runs to the end pole, turns and begins a serpentine line around each pole to the opposite end, turns and returns on a serpentine line to the end pole, turns and runs back to the start line. 

 C. Pony is penalized two (2) seconds, per pole, for knocking a pole down. D. Disqualification results for the pony turning pole wrong way, running off course, or if pole is held by hand of rider.

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