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Pleasure Driving

Pleasure Driving

A. A pleasure driving pony should carry himself in a natural balanced position with a relaxed head and neck. His poll should be level with, or slightly above the level of the withers. 

B. Maximum credit should be given to a pony that moves straight, with free movement, manners and a bright expression. 

C. The pony shall be severely penalized if he carries his head behind the vertical, is overflexed, excessively nosed out, the poll is below the withers or exhibits lack of control by exhibitor. 

D. This class will be judged 80 percent on the pony’s performance and suitability for assuring a pleasurable drive, with a maximum of 20 percent on condition and conformation. 

E. Ponies are to shown hitched to a suitable two or four wheel vehicle, type is optional. Pony is to be shown at a flat-footed walk, a slow trot or park gait, and an extended trot or road gait, both ways of the ring. Pony should stand quietly and back readily. Manners and quality of the performance will be judged.

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