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A. Contestants will be judged 75 percent on costume, 25 percent on the pony. Class to be judged at the walk and trot only, both ways of the ring. (Lead-In Costume is walk only). 

B. Exhibitors may be allowed a maximum of two (2) minutes individual working time or explanation of costume, at the discretion of the Show Committee. 

C. The specific type of Costume class must be specified by the Show Committee before the show. If a show offers both Native American and Open Costume, the same costume shall not be used in both classes. 

D. The exhibitor is the only person allowed in the ring with the pony except in Lead-In costume. If other people or other animals (ponies, dogs, cats, etc.) accompany the entrant, he shall be disqualified. 

 E. Lead-In Costume 

1. This class is for riders six (6) years and under. Ponies are shown at a walk only. Person leading pony must be 14 year of age or older. 

2. Stallions may or may not be used, at the option of the Show Committee. 

3. This class will not count toward any high point awards at the International Show. 

4. If this class is not offered at a show, Leadline contestants shall show in the other type costume classes; however, the pony/rider/leader must trot when asked. 

 5. Any type costume may be worn. 

 6. The term “lead-in” applies to Costume classes, only. 

 F. Open Costume 

 1. Any type costume may be worn, except in Rule 123, C. 

 G. Native American Costume 

 1. Consideration should be given to the material used and the design of the costume.

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