Pony of the Americas Club, Inc. — Official Breed Website

Rules Committee

  • Janette Arends, Chair - arends4j@aol.com
  • Pam Klein, Vice Chair
  • Barbara Klein
  • Jeanette Krueger
  • Charlene Shingleton
  • Diana Peaton
  • Richard Killion
  • Mamie Wheeler
  • Kathy McKenzie
  • Pam Barlet
  • Charlene Astin
  • Rebecca Solberg
  • Beverly Tabor
  • Tracy Sweet Keen


Mission Statement: The mission of the POAC Rules Committee is to maintain responsibility for the POAC rules and to objectively review and respond to any rule change proposals that are requested.


  • To review and respond to all POAC Rule Changes and Proposals submitted to the Rules Committee in a timely manner
  • To define the problem and develop possible solutions
  • To review and select the solution that fits the mission and goals of the POAC in an unbiased manner
  • To determine if any other rules would be affected if a rule change is made
  • To assure proper wording for a proposed rule change
  • To present approved proposals by the committees to the POAC National Board of Directors for further discussion and action