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POA Select Sire Futurity Winners

List of Select Sire Futurity Winners

1982 Colts Gold Chips Leonard Lewis MN
Fillies The American Dream Chris Woods OH
1983 Colts The Baron Olan Zigler OH
Fillies Docs Miss Firefly Richard Scheideker WI
1984 Colts KS's Tiger's Breezin Cat Ken Steele AL
Fillies Q-T McQue Wayne Latch IA
1985 Colts J-N Gold Rush Judy Katzenberger WI
Fillies Avitars Lil Lady Eileen Damman IA
1986 Colts DH's Top Gun Jerry Holm IL
Fillies Poco Pixie Marcy Merrill MN
1987 Colts Sr. KKS Mad Max Korleski Korral WI
Fillies Sr. KS's Strawberry Twist KS's Pony Farm AL
Colts  Jr. Perfection Fred Bruner Jr. WI
Fillies Jr. KS's Kinda Classy KS's Pony Farm AL
1988 Colts Avitars Emperor Dean or Eileen Damman IA
Fillies Ima Silver Annie Dean or Eileen Damman IA
1989 Colts TC Oughta Be Tough Diane Bolvin FL
Fillies Double Classy Lady Pat Tyler MI
1990 Colts Chip N Zee Larry Gibson WI
Fillies Classy Babe Of Amber Paul Shanks MI
1991 Colts Santee Admiral Gene Carr SD
Fillies Darlins Supergirl Lavon Clay IL
1992 Colts Fireflys Impression Shirley Scheidecker WI
Fillies Santee Super Doll Gene Carr SD
1993 Colts Skippen On Stars Barb Hood/Barb Drish IA
Fillies LBJ's Ms Sable Snow Jackie Blaeser WI
1994 Colts Rusty Gun Bill Erdman WI
Fillies Sheza Tough Bunny Dean Damman IA
1995 Colts Marshall Jake Bill Erdman WI
Fillies Double The Money Bill Erdman WI
1996 Colts Cowboy Brass Kori Koser WI
Fillies Sheza Dandi Kandi Carloe Irwin CA
1997 Colts Docs Bigtime Jack Julian Nemmers WI
Fillies Docs Conclusive Miss Julian Nemmers WI
1998 Colts HMH Sock It To Em Hank Freter OK
Fillies Santee Papoose Gene Carr SD
1999 Colts Skip Me Not Carole Irwin CA
Fillies Tough Girl In Town Pat Blaeser/Nicole Kressin WI
2000 Colts JOF Nova Tradition Cherie Ogden OK
Fillies JOF Skipp A Scotch Cherie Ogden OK
2001 Colts Santee Sheik Gene Carr SD
Fillies Santee Jill Gene Carr SD
2002 Colts Santee Highlander Gene Carr SD
Fillies RBR Bunbeatable Sue Bagwell OK
2003 Colts RBR Abundant Sue Bagwell OK
Fillies Santee Miss McCue Paul Filzen MN
2004 Colts RBR Bun Dunit Sue Bagwell OK
Fillies LVO A Respectable Image Harold Thomas CA
2005 Colts Santee Vaquero Gene Carr SD
Fillies RPE Shotgun Annie Melissa Slayton MI
2006 Colts Suddenly Sid Orlen Stolee/Lowell Roseland IA
Fillies Pal Malibu Maureen Kennedy NE
2007 Colts Show His Fancy Choice Gene Zimmerman MN
Fillies KS's Some Ghost R Royal Charlie Brinson IN
2008 Colts Abdulls Awesome Mister Roger Hinrichs MN
Fillies Docs Diamond In The Ruff Julian Nemmers IA
2009 Colts Pal Baja Bandito Kennedy Family Trust TX
Fillies Stilettos Spencer Livestock LLC OK
2010 Colts Pal Justa Gigalo Kennedy Family Trust TX
Fillies Sweet Cadence Spencer Livestock LLC OK
2011 Colts Too Legit Spencer Livestock LLC OK
Fillies MM Big League Asset Charle Patterson MO
2012 Colts Mr Impulsive Ben Sosinski MI
Fillies Array Of Elegance NR Stevenson TX
2013 Colts Third Times A Star Sarai Bannister  IN
Fillies Shes All The Rage Sharon Taft          IL
2014 Colts Outrageous Cajun Spencer Livestock OK
Fillies Mercy Me Janelle & Pat Burton TX
2017 Colts A Trace Of Whiskey Maple Meadows POA's  MO
Fillies Without A Trace Maple Meadows POA's MO
2018 Colts RY Zip N Image Jordan Gardner UT
Fillies TC Weeds N Roses Tracy Keen FL
2019 Colts What U Talk About Mark Menke, IA
Fillies Respect The Rage Meridith Behr, IA

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