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International Overall Stakes Winners

International Overall Stakes Winners

1990 Chief Beaver Britches Freckles Thumb Prints Chouteau
1991 Chief Beaver Britches Cayuga’s Bambi KC Colorado Chief
1992 J-N Ghost Of Gold Cayuga’s Bambi KC Colorado Chief
1993 J-N Ghost Of Gold Black Swan S Cam’s Kid
1994 J-N Ghost Of Gold Salty Spice Mumm’sWarrior Champ
1995 Super Intimidator Miss Whirlin’ Tough Mumm’sWarrior Champ
1996 Santee Cody Caddos Angel PPP’s Mickey Gilly
1997 Super Intimidator Ivy Lane The Crisco Kid
1998 J-N Ghost Of Gold Ivy Lane Ima Silverado
1999 J-N Ghost Of Gold Plaudit’s Sugar Star Tooter Bars
2000 Peppy Sans Reward Caddos Angel KS’s Crimson Tiger Two
2001 Pal Chip N Putt All That Jazz Bobby Sox Plaudit
2002 Santee Noches Ivy Lane Cowboy Brass
2003 Pal Chip N Putt Tees Ez Dot The Crisco Kid
2004 Pride Of Prince MS Tattletail Santee Prince Leo
2005 Pride Of Prince From Rags To Riches Santee Prince Leo
2006 CHR Iced Tea Montes To Tough To Bounce Beavers Best Yet
2007 Pride Of Prince HMH Super Sox Little Man Tate
2008 Nicks Spittin Image HMH Super Sox Mr. Sonny Delight
2009 Driftwoods Silver Tab HMH Super Sox Mr. Sonny Delight
2010 Nicks Spittin Image HMH Super Sox CHR Iced Tee
2011 Black Tie Invitation HMH Super Sox Chipped In Gold
2012 Investment Asset Supergold Victorian Lace Little Romeo
2013 Nicks Spittin Image J-N Gold Sensation Shockinly Handsome
2014 RPRs Impulsive Superman J-N Gold Sensation Nickajack
2015 RPR's Impulsive Superman

CN Silver




RPR's Impulsive Superman HMH Super Sox Dutch Pride



RPR's Impulsive Superman Lily Labelle

Caddos Red Cloud



 2018 RPR's Impulsive Superman  Lily Labelle  Caribean Kid

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