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Stallions Available For Purchase - Select Sire Futurity

Select Sire Futurity Stallions Available for Purchase/Purchased

Pony Name Owner/Lessee Location Height  
A Stars Journey
Gene or Carolyn Carr SD 56" View
A Sudden Zippo
C.Todd or Missy Corn IN 58" View
A Trace Of Impulse
Maple Meadows POAs TX 55" View
AKA Doubledipped Plaudit
Shannon and Richard Killion IL 51" View
AKA With Intent To Win
Amber Dreyer-Hansen or Sabrena Kreier WI 56" View
BF Ultra Impulsive Kid
Monti or Tim Byers IN 50" View
By Design
L. Furlong TX 49" View
Cels Dynamite Dreams
Kelly Webster IL 48 3/4" View
Chocolate Jet Set
Terilyn Noyce MI 58" View
CHR Hez Tuff E Nuff
Tommy & Suzanne Tomlin TX 51" View
CHR Tigers Tough Eagle
Brad or Josh Wilson IA 51" View
Clayhill Lazy Loper
Wendy Zastrow or Jordan Aschbrenner WI 55 3/4" View
Color Me DZ
Stephanie Bella IN 56" View
Dbl Ds Cadillac Gold
Gerald and Lori Meadows KS 53 1/2" View
Docs Ruff N Zip
Chuck & Maxine Shekleton IA 51" View
Docs Sudden Impact
Helen Rooney WI 54" View
Dutch Colored Impulse
Rikki Whitby KS 55" View
Dutch Golden Chocolatey
Anne Dykstra IA 56" View
Fly The Red Eye
Erin Knox TX 60" View
Guaranteed Equity
Ron or Nancy Meyer, MN MN 55 1/4" View
Handsome Hollywood Star
Tim & Monti Byers IN 53" View
Hes One Tough Bud
Dean Damman IA 55 1/2" View
Hezan Okie Array
Helena Wolters AZ 50" View
His Dirty Dealer
Bob Roseland or Arlene Severidt IA 53 1/2" View
Hot Chocolate Hunter
Orlen Stolee IA 57" View
Ima Few Spot Dream
Dan or Lori Krome MN 52 1/8" View
Ima Impulsive Star
C.A. Good or Teresa Good IA 53 3/4" View
Impulses Gold Loper
Mike Gardner UT 55" View
Ive Got Super Powers
The Pony Farm, Jessica Drish Kata DVM IA 53" View
JBJs Chocolate Zipper
Linzy Zahm-Lahr IN 54" View
JBJs Kidd Valentino
Jackie and Larry Guthrie WI 48" View
JBJs Locked N Loaded
Jackie Guthrie WI 56" View
JBJs Lookin Bright Eyed
David or Heather Brewer TN 55.5" View
Kid O Bounce
Jackie Guthrie or Bob Zahm IN 49 1/2" View
Kind Of Impulsive
KS's Pony Farm AL 54" View
KS's Handsome As Bond
KS's Pony Farm AL 52 1/2" View
KS's Jammin With A Ghost
KS's Pony Farm AL 54 1/2" View
KS's Naturally Nifty
KS's Pony Farm AL 55 1/4" View
LB All The Rage
Rosslyn Spencer Biggs DVM OK 56" View
Leos KC Prince
Ericka Sines FL 55" View
LVO Respects Poco Bien
Cliff or Joan Thomas CA 54 1/2" View
My Lucky Zipper
The Pony Farm IA 54" View
OBR A Sudden Good Bar
Patty Koehler TX 56" View
OBR Perfect Design
Patty Koehler TX 53" View
Outrageous Cajun
Spencer Livestock OK 54" View
Pal Casey Jones
Kristen Fears & Charlen McBride TX 54" View
Pal Cavalcade
Ken & Kay Tearman IN 56" View
Pal George Jones
Wilson & Sons IA 55 1/2" View
RPRs Impulsive Superman
Jessica Drish Kata IA 54 1/2" View
RY Diamond Equity
Eric and Brittany Zimmermann FL 51" View
Salty Stole The Look
Jeremy or Julie Stiebens KS 56" PHC View
Santee Shiek
Kimberly and Chelsea Caudill IN 55 1/2" View
Santee Skipn Twist
David or Heather Brewer TN 53 1/2" View
Santee Tesoro
Gene or Carolyn Carr SD 55" View
Saqlawi Nyte Stalker
Angela Wallis TX 57" View
SBF Docs Siri Plaudit
Bev Routon OR 52 1/2" View
Silent Review
Jeremy and Julie Stiebens KS 53" View
Silent Sham
Bob Roseland IA 55" View
Silver Masterpiece
Split Rail Farm MO 48" View
Smooth Agent
Bob Roseland IA 55" View
Social Secret
Katie Thorland IA 54 1/4" View
Speaker Of The House
Robert or Tracy Keen FL 55" View
Suddenly Sid
Orlen Stolee IA 54" View
Surenuff Cordero
Bob Roseland IA 58" View
Takaupa Tough
Karen Bendt PA 54 1/4" View
TC Impulsive Weedo
Tracy or Robert Keen FL 54 1/2" View
The Silver Kid
Leased to Dean or Corey Damman Owner: Megan McConville IA 54" View
TMDs Two Eyed Rawhide
Melissa Slayton TX 51 1/2" View
TNE Hez Dynamite
Dwayne and Jayme Brown Senkel/Tommy Tomlin Leasee TX 55 1/2" View
TNE Too Real
Donna Zimmermann OK 53 1/4" View
Tribute To Hollywood
Linzy Zahm-Lahr IN 53" PHC View
Tribute To Intense
Amber Dreyer-Hansen or Sabrena Kreier WI 54" View
Truly Pre Approved
Mike,Kathy,Brandon and Tyler Barringer IL 50 3/4" View
Wils Certified Royal
Janice or Ben Spears MO 51" View
Zip N Gold
Mike Gardner UT 54" View
Zippos Royal Kid
Liz Otten MO 53" View
Zippos Skip Bar
Pam Barlet and Bev Routon OR 56" View