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Judges Committee

  • Kristen Fears - Chair  kmfears@yahoo.com
  • Liz Otten
  • Lee Ann Haack
  • Gary Vance
  • Rosslyn Spencer Biggs DVM
  • Pat Burton
  • Margy Morgan
  • Rebecca Solberg
  • Sara Gronski
  • Samantha Walker
  • Susan Pierce-Wells

Mission Statement - The mission of the POAC Judges Committee is to manage activities of the POAC carded judges and their respective continuing education.


  • To manage approval of POAC carded judges and new judge applications
  • To review and respond to judge complaints
  • To create and provide educational materials for our judges and show officials
  • To provide assistance at judge's seminars and clinics when interviewing potential judge candidates and to encourage continuing education at these events