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International Sale Committee

  • Jessica Drish, Chair  jtdrish@gmail.com
  • Lee Ann Haack                            
  • Jill Bates
  • Corey Damman            
  • Ken Tearman                   
  • Scott & Charlene Shingleton
  • Kathy McKenzie
  • Monti Byers
  • Susie Drish
  • Barb Hood
  • Ashley McKenzie
  • Jordan Gardner
  • Erin Metcalf
  • Diane Kamps
  • Josie Baxter
  • Jeremy Stiebens
  • Jackie Guthrie
  • Lynn Puffinbarger
  • Janice Spears
  • Jan Rodgers



Mission Statement:  The mission of the POAC International Sale Committee is to plan and implement the POAC International Sale held annually at a location determined by the POAC National Board of Directors.


  • To provide a national level sale that will generate the largest attendance and drive profitability
  • To develop materials and implement all aspects of the sale
  • To generate financial profit for the National POAC