Pony of the Americas Club, Inc. — Official Breed Website

Breeders Committee

  • Jackie Guthrie, Chair jguthrie0234@gmail.com
  •  Tracy Keen, Vice Chair
  • Charlene Astin
  • Rosslyn Spencer-Biggs DVM
  • Lynn Puffinbarger
  • Haley Purkapile
  • C.A. Good
  • Leo Haack
  • Dean Damman
  • Charley Phillips
  • Lori Krome
  • Millard Fisher
  • Russ Davidson
  • Jan Rodgers
  • David Spencer
  • Jessica Drish
  • Ken Steele
  • Pat Burton
  • Bob Zahm
  • Janette Arends
  • Linzy Lahr
  • Tommy Tomlin

Mission Statement:  The Pony Of the Americas Club (POAC) Breeders Committee will review all aspects of the breeding of POAs.


  • To maintain an understanding of live cover and non-live cover breeding
  • To manage POAC Stallion Breeding Reports
  • To hold a current understanding of DNA genetic testing issues
  • To maintain awareness of other breeding and registration issues
  • To report important findings to the POAC for educational purposes