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Registration Department Forms

Application for Embryo Transfer Application for Embryo Transfer (196 KB)

Genetic Testing Request Genetic Testing Request (66 KB)

Inspection Form Inspection Form (735 KB)
Must be completed for all animals being registered through our Hardship Program, and also for all POAs that are going from Tentative registration status to Permanent registration status. All POAs must go permanent during their 6th year of age or their papers will become void until this process is completed. This Inspection Form must be completed by a POA Inspector or a licensed veterinarian when submitting paperwork to go from Tentative to Permanent registration status.

Inspector Handbook Inspector Handbook (11228 KB)
This booklet has been assembled in an attempt to provide information that will be helpful to you in undertaking the responsibility of a State or National POA inspector.

Lease Agreement Form Lease Agreement Form (104 KB)
Complete this form if you are leasing a POA for breeding or for show purposes for a specific time period. This completed from must be on file to allow for registrations or to receive show points.

Prefix and Farm Name Reservation Application Prefix and Farm Name Reservation Application (68 KB)

Registration Application Registration Application (714 KB)
Complete BOTH SIDES OF this form for registration of tentative, permanent, ID, and hardship registration animals. Remember that along with this registration form, you must also submit four clear 4″ x 6″ photographs (photo quality paper if digital), proper fees, and a copy of the sire or dam registration papers if not either is not a registered POA. You must also submit an Inspection Form completed by a POA National Inspector if the animal is being registered through the Hardship Registration Pro

Stallion Breeding Report Form Stallion Breeding Report Form (72 KB)
Complete this form and submit to the National Office each year that you use your stallion for breeding purposes listing the mares bred which will be producing POA eligible foals. If this form is not submitted by the Dec 31 deadline, a late filing fee will be charged.

Stallion Semen Permit Stallion Semen Permit (63 KB)
Complete this form if you plan to breed with transported cooled or frozen semen during the calendar year. This form MUST be submitted to the National POAC BEFORE any semen is transported for the current year or the stallion owner will be fined according to the POAC Official Handbook.

Transfer of Ownership Transfer of Ownership (462 KB)
For transfer of ownership of Tentative, Permanent, ID Blue Paper and ID Pink Paper registered POAs, each change of ownership needs to be recorded in the records of the POAC. The seller is responsible for promptly sending to the POAC the completed and signed transfer of ownership form, the pedigree certificate and paying the transfer fee.

Transfer/Bill of Sale Form Transfer/Bill of Sale Form (268 KB)
This must be completed and submitted for all POAs being transferred from one owner to another. A transfer with fees must also be completed and submitted with any registration application that lists the owner of the animal to be registered as someone other than the owner of the dam at time of foaling, that transfers this animal to be registered into the new owners name.